Vemmet Empire

Map of the Vemmet Empire

Across the Sulstan Sea to the west of Korosh you'll first find the Vemmet Empire, a land ruled by Elves. With a thriving landscape and high Elven magic, the Elves have done well to construct their empire strong and lasting. While it has a rich upper class and Elves can live easy lives, the other Vemite race aren't so lucky. Unlike in other places where Humans enjoy a variety of positions, the Humans in Vemmet are second-class citizens much like the Dwarves, Drow and Orcs that live there. The only place they are free of direct Elven influence is the forest town of Elemas, which is almost devoid of Elves. The ruling capitol, Vormenna City, is a prime location for Alchemists and Inquisitors to flock, resulting in a prime location to train.


Due to being an Elven monarchy and generally viewing non-Elves as second-class citizens, the Vemmet Empire is looked on with a kind of grudge by Korosh and Demapra, though with the richer nobles and ambassadors are treated well enough so it really comes down to the disgruntled population. The Elven High King rules the empire with a long-lasting reach and close connections with their churches.

The main forces of Vemmet are backed up by the Gorvma Shieldmaidens, an almost exclusively female Elven faction of Paladins and Fighters.


Vemmet currency is called Gold Motes, squarish chips about the size of a standard coin. They likewise have Silver Motes, Copper Motes, and Fey Motes are equivalent to Platinum Coins.