God-Lord of Fire
Alignment Lawful Evil
Domains Fire, Strength, War
Home Plane The Field of Bones
Favored Weapon Flambard

God-Lord of FireEdit

Patron deity of the Orc people, any who worship battle above life or bring praise to fire give their prayers to Urluk-Kamras. Despite his fearsome persona and command of the Orcish folk, he is often assumed to be a horrid monster to all that don't know of his acts. He believes the strong should lead and battle should give the right to rule, but without the honor so many forget, then all is for nothing. While many mistake followers as a cult to true evil, some will understand and let be those who have their reasons to worship the Firelord.

Followers of Urluk-KamrasEdit

Orcs, Warriors, Barbarians, Fire-kin.