Goddess of Trickery
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Domains Trickery, Luck, Scalykind
Home Plane The Well of Truth
Favored Weapon Bladed Scarf

Goddess of TrickeryEdit

While patron of Jesters and pranksters alike, Myslarus is perhaps the cruelest being you could hope to meet. She, for whatever reason, chose Cormor as her husband, declaring them as a couple among the powers that be, then lives in his home plane of existance and gives the God of Luck horrible, cruel unluckyness. A twisted celestial prank that her followers are in on, yet they can not speak such of the prank to others through strange compulsions. All they can do is laugh with their Goddess at a joke they can never share.

Followers of MyslarusEdit

Tricksters, Jesters, Gnomes, Rogues.