While the continent is mostly inhabited by Humans, many other races live in the Empire, though you are likely to find some of the less common races in the west instead. The Korosh Empire was started in 1 BA (Building Age), and has been going strong for a thousand years in varying states of rise and decline.


]Ruled by Emperor Riren Van Korveth III and his Imperial Magistrate, the region of Korosh is currently experiencing a prosperous decade. As such, they have started to branch out more, being proactive in gaining allies and trade agreements, and intent on expanding their borders across both land and sea. Despite that, they hold no treaties with other regions concerning peace, believing their orderly military might and careful watch of the world means they don't need to tie themselves down with such agreements.


The Korosh Empire prints their own money, known as "Imperial Coin" for Gold Coins, Imperial Silver, Imperial Copper, and Imperial Royals (Platinum Coins).