Far south, across the Sulstan Sea, then across forests and mountains you will find the mysterious landlocked region of Ketso. Not much is known about this place, as not many people travel to or from the region, the those that do speak of a different culture compared to the northern regions across the sea. Their buildings are raised slightly off the ground, with tiled roofs and sliding doors, and many shrines dot the countryside. Ketso has a very high density of Humans compared to other races, where you are unlikely to find anything more uncommon then a Dwarf in the region. Compared to the Common dialect, which scholars often refer to as Northern Common, in the north, people of the region speak Ketsian.

Because of the different culture, Ketso is the only place in the known Realm where one can train as a Samurai or Ninja. The different way in which their culture has changed over the years is also how they discovered gunpowder, being the only region to have Gunslingers or gun technology.


Because of their isolated location to the far south, not much interaction happens between Ketso and other regions. Ambassadors have been sent between the regions, and a few travelers have been known to move across the sea. Overall, not much information is shared so Ketso is cautiously neutral with all regions. They are ruled by a holy Emperor and has many Warlords who run smaller sections of the countryside.


Their currency is known as a Ketso Coin, which is commonly worth five Imperial Silvers on average.