Going farther north from Demapra and Vemmet, across swamp lands and mountains, you'll find the vast lands of Farnoth. Likely the largest region by far, this landscape is comprised of huge plains, rolling hills, vast forests, and mountainous outcrops. Due to the size of Farnoth, it has many small settlements and very little central government, it being common for people to live Nomadic lifestyles. Many in the world see Farnoth as merely unintelligent Barbarian territory, and while Barbarians tribes are common, the region as a whole wouldn't be considered much more primitive then any other region. Witches Covens are often found in Farnoth, leading to training as a Witch to be the most possible in the region.

Farnoth was the first recorded region to have organized Adventurer's Guilds, starting all the way back in 400 WA (Wild Age), over 2000 years ago. Mysticism ranges far across the region, and Dragons are considered by many to be both Divine Beasts and Grave Omens to the people.


Because of the decentralized laws of the northern region, as most tribes and settlements have their own local laws. As such, many settlements deal with treaties from other regions on an individual basis.


While many of the Nomadic Tribes prefer to simply barter for needed resources, many settlements have adopted to using the Gold Pieces of Demapra as their standard currency.