Goddess of Death
Alignment True Neutral
Domains Repose, Death, Community
Home Plane The Far Fields
Favored Weapon Scythe

Goddess of DeathEdit

While many consider her a rival to Nur'vec, whom also holds claim to the title of Death, Diadura is not concerned with the taking of life or claiming it as her own, instead simple celebrates the life that has passed. Her name is called to watch over the spirit of the departed as the deceased can witness those who loved them one last time before moving on. Many celebrate the death of those they loved to honor the one they lost to help the person move on without regret. Scholars have long since argued she should be a Goddess of Life then, but her followers claim that would be false as her only concern is celebrating those who have passed.

Followers of DiaduraEdit

Priests, Widowers, Drow.