Going further west from Vemmet, across a mountain range, lies the Kingdom of Demapra, a mixing pot of people and ideas. While a quarter of the region is considered mountainous, that hasn't stopped people from etching out of a living here. While Humans are the ruling force of the region, the amount of races is probably the most varied, including the largest concentration of both the Drow and Orc Refugees from The Rising roughly ten years ago. The past nine years has seen lots of changes in the region, including a new port town etched from the cliffs by the sea, or the return of the Elven Queen in the northern elf-controlled forests.


Ruled by their King, the region likewise has a council of notable people that help deal with issues in the kingdom. They have many travelers between their region and Vemmet, though the occasional issue springs up between the two regions as they butt heads, especially with many disliking how the Vemmet Empire's High King looking down upon their Human King. Despite butting heads, in recent years Demapra has created a healthy trade agreement with the sea-faring regions and guard their trade secrets closely.


The standard Demapra currency is the Gold Piece, Silver Piece, Copper Piece, and Platinum Piece.