Symbol of Alozan
God of Men, Battle, Healing
Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Healing, War, Nobility
Home Plane The Hall of Light
Favored Weapon Longsword

God of MenEdit

All throughout the lands there is no greater force then the followers of Alozan. Mainly revered by Humans, Alozan is known to be both a stern and caring god, both lending his strength to care for those injured while also defending them from those that seek to do harm. Not greater paragon of good exists then Alozan.

Followers of AlozanEdit

Alozan has many followers throughout the lands, mostly humans though it isn't uncommon for others to take up prayer in his name. Fighters and Clerics go hand-in-hand when it comes to worship, with the Clerics calling for aid for the wounded while Fighters asked for might behind their blades. Inquisitors also tend to find home with Alozan, who appreciates and gifts those who seek to stop demonic forces where ever they may lay. Simpler folk pray to him for everyday protection and good health, and he is often met with prayer from military leaders before they go to battle.